Where Do You Get Prom Dresses very thankful and fortunate
Good Lace Wedding Dress samaritans offer party venue to conned bachelorettes Fort lauderdale, fla. (Wsvn)A weekend that began as a nightmare for a bridetobe is now heading towards a storybook ending thanks to two caring south floridians and a desirable piece of real estate. Monique harrell and her bridal party arrived Lace Wedding Dress friday at a miami home she had reserved for a prewedding celebration with 11 of her closest friends, only to discover she was the victim of a party scam.After wiring $3, 400 to the person they thought was the owner of the residence located on the venetian causeway, they arrived to find the doors locked and all contact numbers disconnected. "I had been in contact with, like, over 20 owners,"Said denise, harrell friend. "This was the house that we decided on;It was a dream house.This was going to be our celebritystyle home for the weekend. " Unbeknownst to the disheartened visitors, drew and sandy romanovitz watched their story on friday 7news program.The married couple had seen similar stories before, but this time decided to take action, and their mansion on fort lauderdale new river seemed like a promising start. "We dresses uk:http://www.jb3.co.uk/ have a venue here that extraordinary, and it available for hire and weddings and things of the sort,"Said drew,"And we just figured we make a call and see what we could do to help out. " One call restored this jersey girl faith in humanity after a south florida ripoff left her and her friends in tears. "This is beyond my dreams at this moment,"Said harrell. "I just really happy and Where Do You Get Prom Dresses very thankful and fortunate that drew and sandy have opened up their home to us and my girls.Even though we were railroaded and scammed, there actually good people out there.Despite everything that the girls and i have been through, we know that there good people out there just like we are. " Now harrell can save her tears for something more important:Her wedding day in september.But before that occasion arrives, the future bride and her friends are planning to spend time on south beach and will also be going on a free airboat ride.

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