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Glee's Lace Prom Dresses matthew Dresses UK morrison engaged Well, i guess avril lavigne isn Ball Gown Wedding Dresses married yet"But word is that the ceremony in which she will marry nickelback chad kroeger will take place monday night in the south of france, where wedding festivities have been going on since saturday night.As always, we will be curious to see the dress"She went surprisingly girly for her first wedding, so it will be interesting to see what she does this time around"And, what with her absolutely ginormo engagement ring, the wedding bands, as well. Also, mr.Schuester"I mean"Glee matthew morrison proposed to his girlfriend(Who knew? )With a somewhat kate middletonesque(Or dianaesque, i guess)Ring, a rather large sapphire surrounded by diamonds.News of their betrothal was announced at a party hosted by elton john, who then joined coldplay chris martin to serenade the lovebirds with a duet of song, which sounds like just about the most amazing way ever to celebrate your engagement, if you ask us.

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